The Block Comittee

The Blocks Committee is the main group that looks after local tenants in St. Michaels Estate and it has been in existence since 1986. Over the years it has been very active on a number of issues namely maintenance, estate management, campaigning for refurbishment and the setting up of the St. Michaels Estate Working Group and the St. Michaels Estate Task Force. Currently the most important aspect of their work focuses on community participation and involvement. They are deeply committed to ensuring that the regeneration of St. Michaels Estate is conducted in a positive and inclusive manner that aims to secure a positive future for the people who live on the estate.

Up until recently the Blocks Committee supported by a regeneration worker from the Family Resource Centre had solely represented the estate in negotiations with Dublin Corporation. This has been very rewarding work with many trial and tribulations. The blocks committee have worked tirelessly, often in difficult circumstances and with few resources in a variety of areas such as planning, design, material options, housing densities, consultations, tenant participation and communications.

The Blocks Committee invited a number of community and voluntary organisations to become part of a wider group who would work on a Community Approach to the regeneration of the estate. The aim of this was to compile (at a local level) the skills and experiences necessary to deal with regeneration in an open, accountable and transparent way while at the same time strengthening the participation of St Michael's community in the process of Public Private Partnership (PPP). Out of this approach the St. Michaels Regeneration Team was born.