HOUSING FOR NEED, NOT GREED- A Tenants First Publication.

FREE pdf publication about the current Irish housing policy, its effect on community, and the urgent need for change.

This document has been produced with the intention of:
1. Highlighting what Tenants First views to be a short-sighted approach to housing - motivated more by the personal gain 'of developers' than by the social need of 'those in poverty'.
2. Demonstrating the negative effects of this for individuals and communities, as well as for Irish society in general - to the extent that current housing policy can be shown to be wasteful of public resources, and an effective transfer of these resources from the most to the least in need.
3. Make proposals on the need for a different approach - as the basis for mobilising public opinion and engaging with political parties to effect change.

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Regeneration, public good or private profit? By John Bissett

In Regeneration public good or private profit, Dr. John Bissett takes the lid off regeneration, PPP, state policy, developers antics and highly paid state officials failure to deliver regeneration. Exposing the mechanics of PPP as a model, naming the deliberate exclusion of a community, and telling the story behind decisions and actions. This book exposes past, present and future regeneration projects and PPP ventures. It documents the trials and triumphs of the regeneration process at St Michael's Estate, Inchicore, Dublin, Ireland from the community perspective. This is a must read for 'people being regenerated', state officials, academics, developers, community workers, politicians, students and anyone with an interest in social justice. Everyone should read the truth behind Regeneration and PPP.

Regeneration_chapter9_Doing_PPP_by_John_Bissett.pdf (157kb)

Past Present Future Document

A community vision for the regeneration of St. Michael's Estate. From the campaign to save the 2002 moving ahead plan, the 1st stages of which were completed (Emmet Crescent & Bulfin Court) then halted and rejected by the dept of environment in favour of PPP.

FREE CHAPTER: Past_Pres_Future.pdf (2.0MB)

The Real Guide to regeneration for Communities

A Tenants First Publication about making the right decision about urban regeneration. by Tenants First for tenants and community groups. It is based on experiences in local areas already "up for regeneration". Our aim is to ensure that local authority tenants are empowered to make a clear and rational decision about the future of their own areas. That means to begin with making a decision about whether to say yes or no to the regenerationdegeneration agenda.

tenants_real_guide.pdf (2.2MB)

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TENANTS FIRST publication

'Housing for need, not greed'

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Regeneration by John Bisset


John Bissett's NEW Book about Urban Regeneration.

Chapter 9 available FREE on our website, a sample chapter of John Bisset's 'Regeneration' book.

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