Eilish Comerford

Originally from a small rural town-land in Kilkenny, Eilish is a Community Development Worker with St. Michaels Estate Family Resource Centre. She has worked on a number of development programmes, represented her community on various committees and has a keen interest in social issues and politics and of learning new things. She has been working in Dublin for the past seven years and the main focus of her work has been on regeneration and she has been an enthusiastic and dedicated member of the regeneration team since it's inception in 2001. While having a deep love for the country side Eilish also enjoys the hustle and bustle of living in Dublin city. Eilish enjoys sport, walking, going to the theatre, socialising, listening to music, travelling and spending time with people particularly her nieces and nephews.

Gerry McDermott

After successfully studying at Maynooth University Gerry has been working in a professional capacity as a Community Youth Worker since 1998. Born and reared as a young child in the Fatima Mansions area on Dublin's south-side. Gerry moved to Coolock on the north-side where he has lived for twenty years, before getting married to his wife Lorraine and returning to live in the Bluebell / Inchicore area on the south-side. He has been involved with local voluntary community youth groups since the early nineties. Having worked in Bluebell for a number of years he came to St. Michael's Estate in 2004 as a Youth Service Support Worker for St. Michaels Parish Youth Project. Gerry got involved with the Regeneration Team as a representative of the Youth Project. He is an experienced and devoted member of the Regeneration Team some of its constituent sub groups including; The Design Group, Community Safety Group and The Social Regeneration Working Group.

Michael O'Flanagan

Secretary of Ceantar Mhaighneann, The Kilmainham & Inchicore Heritage Group, Michael has been a passionate and committed member of St. Michael's Regeneration Team since 2003. Editor of the poetry broadsheet Riposte, which was launched in 1996 and which now has members in Ireland, England, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, America, Canada, Korea and Malta. A member of the Inchicore Writers' Group, Syllables, he is a former editor of The Inchicore Times and secretary of The Francis Ledwidge Society. He has published three collections of his poetry, Immutability, published in 1991 and Peep into the Abyss published in 1993 and Positive Fruit published in 1999. He has broadcast his poetry on several local radio stations in the Dublin area and much of his work has also been included in the Syllables Anthologies which are books of poetry written and published by local Inchicore / Kilmainham writers.

Rita Fagan

Rita is from a working class family in the Liberties, Dublin. She began working in a sewing factory at 14. She spent the next 14 years working there and became actively involved in the Trade Union Movement. Rita has a huge passion for social justice and equality issues and has worked tirelessly at bring communities together enabling then to take action and become empowered. Rita spent 11 years voluntary and 1 fulltime in the Dublin Simon Community. From here she was sponsored by the Bishop of Dublin and others to partake in the Community & Youth work course in NUI Maynooth. On a placement from this course, Rita came to St. Michaels Estate. 19 years later she is still in this struggle with this grassroots community and is the director of the Family Resource Centre, Women's Community Development Project. She has travelled widely and has been involved politically in the issues effecting Central America and Cuba. For 9 years she led a protest outside of the U.S. Embassy challenging U.S. foreign policy in the said region. She is also committed to the struggle of women at grassroots level who are very much on the margins and who's struggle on a daily basis is to survive structural poverty. She co-ordinated a hugely inspiring and powerful art exhibition "Once is too much" about domestic violence at the Irish Museum of Modern Art. Rita believes that the struggle for justice and freedom not only embodies pain but also joy through celebrating our lives and the outcome of the struggle.

Mary Anne Stafford

Originally form Wexford, Mary Anne is a Sister of Mercy presently living in Emmet Crescent, Inchicore. She has spent thirty seven years in missionary work and has worked for many years in New Zealand and The Pacific Island, Tonga. Her work has focussed on education, childcare and social work. Returning to Ireland in 1987, she has worked as a teacher of Traveller children, trained as an alcohol counsellor and spent over six years in Limerick Social Services. Mary Anne has worked in a voluntary capacity in a day care centre for the elderly in Maynooth, Co. Kildare. During her five years in Inchicore she has begun to work with emigrant people at Balseskin Refugee Reception Centre in Finglas. Mary Ann is a committed and valuable member of the St. Michaels Estate Regeneration Team.

John Bissett

Born in Dolphin House, Rialto in 1965. He went to school in James' Street CBS before going on to serve an apprenticeship as a Fitter in Irish Glass in the early 1980s. John spent some years in Australia and Canada in the late 1980s before returning to Ireland. Upon his return he started working in the Rialto Youth Project and continued to so for a number of years in both a part time and a voluntary capacity. John entered St. Patrick's College Maynooth in 1991 where he received a degree in Sociology and English. After completing his degree John continued his studies in the Department of Sociology, University College Dublin, where he was awarded his Masters and PhD on the same occasion in 2001. John currently works as a Community Worker for the Canal Communities Local Drugs Task Force in Dublin. He has been a member of the St. Michael's Estate Community Regeneration Team since February 2001.

Jo Kennedy

Jo Kennedy is a Dubliner and a Mercy Sister. For the past 25 years she has lived and worked in and around St. Michaels Estate as a Systemic Psychotherapist and a feminist. Jo is passionately interested in how our material circumstances and our context influence our emotional and spiritual lives. In her spare time Jo reads, she finds great life in poetry and in her friends and family. Jo has been involved in the Regeneration Team from its inception.

Sinead Clancy

Having grown up in Ballyfermot, Sinead went to school until she was 14 and from there worked in numerous different types of jobs mainly in the service industry. After completing a variety of evening classes, a growing awareness and interest in social inequalities sparked a return to formal education. In 2006, Sinead completed a B.A. in Sociology and Greek & Roman Civilisation. Sinead then went on to complete a Post Graduate Higher Diploma in Youth and Community Studies. She is working as a volunteer with the St Michael's Estate Family Resource Centre; it is within this capacity that she is working with the St. Michaels Regeneration Team.

Nicky Fahey

Nicky has lived in St. Michaels Estate for the past 15 years. She is a full time mother to five children, three girls and two boys aged two to 15 years. A great accolade to Nicky was that her eldest son nominated her as parent of the year in his school, which she won. She is a participant of the local women's education program run by the Family Resource Centre CDP, developing her personal, creative and leadership skills. Over the last 10 years Nicky has become an active member of the St. Michaels Estate community; she is currently a voluntary member of the St. Michaels Estate Blocks Committee, the St. Michaels Estate Regeneration Team and is on the St. Michaels Estate Regeneration Board. Her hobbies include, supporting her children's sporting activities, socialising and travelling and she also enjoys a watching television.

Caroline McNulty

Caroline is well know character in St. Michaels Estate having lived there for over 16 years. She works part-time in the St. Michaels Estate Family Resource Centre's After-schools project and as a result she has a very good relationship with all the local children. Caroline is a committed social activist in the direct and wider community of Inchicore. She has a huge interest in social issues that effect's local people's lives. Caroline believes in and works hard for the delivery of a social as well as a physical regeneration plan for St. Michaels Estate. She is a voluntary member of the St. Michaels Estate Blocks Committee, the St. Michaels Estate Regeneration Team and is on the St. Michaels Estate Regeneration Board. Caroline is a single parent with three children, a girl and two boys ranging from toddlers to teenagers. Caroline enjoys travelling abroad, socialising, listening to music, reading and loves dining out locally when she gets the chance!.

Natasha Farrell

Natasha has lived most of her live in St. Michaels Estate. She is the mother of three children, two boys and a girl, aged 5 to 15 years. Natasha experienced a very happy childhood growing up on the St. Michaels Estate, but has seen the estate falling apart over the years due to the lack of support from the state agencies. Over the last nine years Natasha has become increasingly involved within the community and is now a dedicated voluntary member of various committees, including the St. Michaels Estate Blocks Committee, the St. Michaels Estate Regeneration Team and is on the St. Michaels Estate Regeneration Board. Natasha played a very valuable role as a resident on the assessment panel in picking the preferred bidder for the St. Michaels Estate regeneration. Natasha, a loyal supporter of Chelsea Football Club has a keen interest in sporting activities, enjoys travelling abroad and loves walking along the banks of the local Canal. Recently Natasha completed a Business Course with a view to setting up her own business in the future.

Ann Marie Brennan

Ann Marie Brennan has lived on St Michaels Estate for the past 34 years. In the first phase of the redevelopment of St Michael's Estate (which was funded by the state) Ann Marie along with residents from the first three demolished blocks were fortunate enough to be housed in the fifty local authority houses built on the land of Sisters of Mercy Glodenbridge. Ann Marie is a management volunteer of the Family Resource Centre Women's Community Development Project. She was a participant of the 'Unspoken Truths' arts project in the Irish Museum of Modern Art in 1992, (which was the stories of 32 working class women from St. Michaels Estate and Sean MacDermots street). She completed the Community & Youth work course in St. Patricks College Maynooth and is now a professional community and youth worker. Ann Marie is fostering three wonderful children for the past 12 years. In her spare time she is a volunteer on a number of voluntary committees, i.e. The Canal Communities Drugs Task Force and Emmet Crescent Residents Association etc. She loves music, sport and reading. She firmly believes that the people of St. Michaels Estate should get their houses and community facilities and works hard to enable this to happen.

Helena Burbridge

Helena moved to St. Michaels Estate from a local Dublin suburb Drimnagh in 1991. She has raised two children and now has three grandchildren. Helena's remembers the estate as being a very close knit community full of neighbourly spirit with everyone looking out for each other. She recalls the terrible impact and devastation caused to the estate by the influx of heroin resulting in the slow but steady move out of families. Helena has stayed in the area and is an active voluntary member of The Blocks Committee, who in turn have been working on the regeneration of the estate for the last 10 years. She is also involved in the many events run by The Family Resource Centre. Helena loves to look after her grandchildren and gets great joy from watching them grow. She adores her dog, 'Missy', a Yorkshire Terrier who keeps her busy and is great company and loves the local bingo nights. Helena feels proud that the community of St Michael's has invested so much time and energy into the whole regeneration process but feels very sad and let down by the government.

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